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TSDCA Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association

We've been really busy over at TSDCA - especially since the shutdown of March 2020. Currently the association has over 410 Professional, Early Career, Affiliated, and Supporting Members. Go to and check out the Resources and Videos available to the public. There are conversations with directors, designers, music directors, classes, salons, and more! Learn about sound design and be introduced to our community!

Mission Statement

The Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association (TSDCA) is a professional membership organization of sound designers and composers for the performing arts working in the United States. Through advocacy, ongoing education, mentorship, and outreach, we seek to advance our community and promote sound design and composition as vital artistic components of the collaborative art of live theatre. TSDCA is not a union or collective bargaining unit, but will provide a forum for sound designers and composers to exchange ideas and engage in activities that will strengthen our field and reinforce our standing as artists in the theatre community.


In the fall of 2014, a group of 17 theatrical sound designers and composers from across the country began to meet informally. We discussed the profile of our field both onstage and offstage. We quickly realized that we wanted to form a more permanent group in which colleagues—from productions of many different sizes and types—could maintain and expand the dialogue we began. Our current group includes sound designers from Broadway, Off Broadway, regional theaters in the United States and international venues.

I was one of the original group, and have continued in the elected position of co-Secretary since our incorporation.

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