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Site for Designs on Hold due to Covid-19

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Fellow designers: Please submit!!

Are you a member of a design team that was involved in a project that was cancelled, postponed, or closed due to COVID-19? We'd love to feature your creative process. This could include but is definitely not limited to: renderings, references, drafting, mood boards, links to pinterest pages, research packets, process shots, sound samples, etc. This is a chance showcase parts the process and workflow that aren’t usually seen by a wider audience.

Our Goals:

To serve the design community; this is by designers for designers. 

To celebrate all aspects of collaborations - within design teams, conversations with management and shops, interactions with creative influences throughout the process from conception to strike. 

To uplift the often unseen and overlooked aspects of the theatrical creative process, from the earliest notes and doodles, through correspondence, research, models, drawings, sonic sketches, to fully realized designs.

I was honored to join the team that brought this site into being. Led by projection designer Kate Freer, the organizers include Alex Koch, Arnulfo Maldonado, Deb Sivigny, Edward Morris, Melissa Ng, Thom Weaver, David Reynoso, Masha Tsimring, Tara Webb, and me!

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