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Research & Development

During the time of Covid....a few of my projects outside of the theater.


Two tracks composed and produced for Berklee Online's  EDM class taught by Dennis DeSantis.  Fall 2020.



A compilation of romantic, sad, and action excerpts created for film. Composed for Ben Newhouse's class entitled Music Composition for Film and Television, Berklee Online, Summer 2020.

What Now
Music for Film Demo
A Little Tale Sheet Music
Writing for Wind Ensemble

As a piano and viola player, I've never been part of a wind ensemble! Here is my first attempt to write for them - entitled A Little Tale. Partly inspired by the fact that I initially had no idea that saxophones were part of a wind ensemble...and thereby developed a story where they first enter the land of the other woodwinds and horns, and attempt to defend the village of their beloved  - a flute.

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TSDCA Creative Challenge
Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 3.15.33 PM.png

Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association has been extraordinarily active since our industry shut down. Among various webinars and discussions we organized a Creative Challenge for teams of sound designers. My team was Finn Dowling who created a percussion kit out of his kitchen (right) and Robert Hornbostel (left) who added sonic depth and glue to our group composition. On trumpet: Becca Stoll.

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